What Kind of Activities Can You Do with a Newborn?

What Kind of Activities Can You Do with a Newborn

Having a baby truly changes your life. Suddenly, your day begins to revolve around a tiny human being. If you are a stay-at-home parent, the chances are that you end up spending more time with your baby than with adults.

When you think of a newborn, you think of a repetitive cycle of sleeping, eating and pooping. However, there also comes a time when they begin to do much more than that, and this is when things get interesting. Suddenly, you find yourself struggling with ideas to keep your baby entertained.

Don’t worry; there are various activities you can do with your little one. Here are some of the best ones.

Talk to Your Child

This is the most basic of them all, and the chances are that most of you already do it. However, what some of you might not know is that talking to your child is essential for their development. When your baby listens to different pitches and sounds, they start to slowly develop language skills.

Different psychologists have different views about this, but B. F. Skinner, a known psychologist, believes that babies learn language through observing others. If this is true, talking to your baby in an exaggerated tone is helping their language development skills. Therefore, don’t let anyone tell you that your “baby talk” is annoying. Even if it is, it might be helping your baby big time.


Once your baby masters head control, it is time to facilitate them to the next milestone in their life. It might seem easy to you right now, but sitting up takes a lot of effort, learning, and concentration when you are a child. You can make this task easy for your child.

Begin by laying them on their back and placing a hand under their arm. This will allow you direct them to a position where they are sitting. In the beginning, you must keep a hold of your baby even when they are in a sitting position. This is because every time you let go, your baby will fall.

Slowly, your little one will gain the strength needed to sit upright. For the parents of a newborn, this milestone seems like the best thing in the world.

Before your child achieves this milestone, make sure to support them so that they can learn skills like motor and head control. Leave the rest up to biology. Also, remember that there is no fixed time when your baby will be able to sit upright on their own. Every child grows at their own pace. Give them time.

Play Peekaboo

Peekaboo game with newborn baby

This is quite a popular game when it comes to interacting with babies. Peekaboo is one of the oldest games invented and one of the best. Why? Well, it keeps your baby entertained. Peekaboo involves hiding your face behind your hands and uncovering it after every few minutes. This always makes babies laugh, especially those below the age of 5 months.

The major reason for this is that object permanence doesn’t develop in humans until they are five or six months old. Before this, a baby thinks that anything they can’t see doesn’t exist. This is why every time you uncover your face after hiding it, for them, it is like discovering you all over again. 

This activity also allows the development of motor skills, senses, and social skills in babies. As they grow older, it teaches them about object permanence. Also, it makes them laugh which is always a plus.

Whenever you are done feeding your baby and making sure they have had their rest, play peekaboo and watch as they get invested in the game. Even if your baby starts getting the hang of it, you can try different variations to keep the game alive. For instance, you can hide their favorite toy and watch as they try to find it.

Dance to Music

This might seem ludicrous to think about, but just like adults, babies love music. There is a reason why many babies can’t sleep without a lullaby. You will find various videos online of little babies dancing to music. Your baby can be one of them. You can also bond with your little one over this activity.

All you need to do is put on some good music. Most babies are quite particular about the music they like. Their expressions will be enough of a clue about whether they like a song or not. Once you feel that your baby appreciates the music (let’s hope they have the same taste as you), it is time to dance it out.

Obviously, a newborn can’t really showcase their dance moves. By dancing, we mean moving your body slowly to the beat of the music while holding your baby to your chest. This will not only lead to the emotional development and enhanced bonding between you and your child, but your kid will also learn the art of listening.

Story Time

Again, your child might not be able to understand what you are saying, but story time should be incorporated into their lives from early on. When we say story time, we don’t just mean you reading a book. You might even enact different scenes, change your voice and pitch when need be and make gestures.

This activity can serve to be an excellent way to put your child to sleep. It also develops listening skills and helps in language development. Additionally, many view it as a bonding time that some parents establish as early as when the mother is pregnant.


There are many other things that you can do with your newborn. You can introduce them to different parts of the house, give them soft and colorful toys, or sing to them. Every activity you do with your child allows them to develop in one way or another.

Your little one deserves it all. Make sure you play an active role in their development.

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