Key Safety Issues Concerning Newborns

While planning your baby nursery decoration is an enjoyable and exciting time, it’s also the ideal time to learn about key safety issues relating to newborns. As you set up your nursery designs, always ensure that each item you place in the room is completely child proof. By studying about infant hazards, you’ll be able to build a truly safe and functional area for your baby.

The bed is the main piece in any baby nursery decoration project. Since some older cribs force not meet new safety standards, it’s best to purchase a new one rather than use a family heirloom. Cribs that transform into beds and round cribs are a good and safe purchase. If you are reusing a reasonably new crib, make sure that all the screws, nuts and bolts are in place and tight secured. Also, ensure that the mattress and bumper protectors correctly fit with the crib and are still very sturdy.

If the mattress or bumper protectors appear used, it’s best to buy new ones so your baby is well established.

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A typical baby nursery decoration for over the crib is a mobile. But it is also something that could collapse and injure your baby if it is not properly installed. When joining mobiles and other colorful and playful nursery decoration pieces on the sides of the crib or over it, it’s vital not to make any modifications to the installation directions.

Changing tables are also a key nursery design furnishing. If using a hand-me-down, check all the fittings to ensure it is installed correctly, is tightly connected and in good working condition. When purchasing new, consider furniture that adjusts to your baby’s growth, such as changing tables that can be converted into a dresser or chest.

As your child begins crawling, standing up and walking, your baby nursery decor pieces might need some improvements.

Or you might need to redesign your baby nursery decor. Any appointments pieces that are unstable or can topple over if a baby uses them as support for holding up should be anchored to the wall with furniture safety brackets. You also want to be sure furniture or other things that a baby can climb onto are away from windows. In addition, nursery furnishing items like lights, delicate knick-knacks or anything else that can break if the baby gets a hold of them should be moved to a higher location or affixed to the furniture.

When preparing your baby nursery decoration for the windows, any cords from blinds or other window procedures should be secured on a bracket placed high along the wall or contained in a cord wind-up the device. Remember to install electrical plug covers on all electrical outlets, as well as smoke detectors.

Your little one is depending on you for its protection. Taking a few minutes to investigate your baby nursery decoration items will ensure that your newborn is well defended and remains safe and secure within the baby nursery décor you selected.

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