Guidelines on Tying a Baby Sling Carrier

A sling baby carrier is quite a useful tool if you know how to use it. New parents especially want to keep their baby close at all times. All the same, they have to get things done in and out of the home.

A baby sling carrier is a great way to carry a child as they are growing. You can make it bigger or smaller as needed and make sure that both you and the little one are comfortable. It can be hard, however, to figure out the sling if this is your first time with it. Some guidelines like the ones below may help:

Carrier Sling For Newborns

1. Master the Fold

Before the wrapping and tucking happen, you should know how to properly fold a baby sling carrier. This is essential for securing the carrier in order to ensure maximum safety.

Some baby slings have rings, while others do not. If the rings are there, things get a bit easier. Without the rings, you would need to cross the carrier and toe it using a knot. You would need to fold the sling lengthwise in order to tie it correctly. The sling should not have any twists but be as smooth and flat as possible.

2. Wrapping and Crossing

Wrap the fold of the sling around your stomach. The middle of the sling should be against your abdomen. Cross the sling on your back and pull the ends of the sling forward. The ends should wrap over the shoulders and lie over the chest. Now, cross this cloth around the front of your body. The ends should then be crossed again and tucked into the waist on both sides. The sling is now to be wrapped around the back once again.

The process should be repeated again until the sling is firmly secure against the body. The remaining fabric should not be too long.

3. Smoothing and Opening

The ends should come together in a knot. Smooth out any twists or crumples that may have come up along the way. Open the sling up and make it spread as far open as you can. Get the sling firmly under your arm. You can change the shape of the sling according to the baby’s size. You should also be able to tighten or loosen the sling by pulling on one of its ends.

4. Storage

There is no need to untie the sling when you take it off. You can remove it from its tied state and store it until needed. This is also beneficial for families where there is more than one caretaker for the baby. For instance, the sling could be tightened for the mother if she has a smaller figure than the father.

5. The Cradle Hold

The cradle hold is the best position for holding infants and newborns in a safe manner. If you have followed the guidelines, you should have two layers of cloth on the chest area.

When you pull on the top layer, you would see a pouch-like area. Put the baby’s feet in the sling part and its bottom in the pouch. Make sure the baby’s side and arm are pressed against you. Then pull the top layer of the cloth over the baby, leaving the head out. Once the baby grows older, you can be a little relaxed about positioning them just right.


In addition to the guidelines above, always make sure to carefully check the instructions that come with the sling. You can do basic chores and run errands with the sling, but nothing too strenuous. For workouts or running/jogging, leave the baby with someone reliable instead of taking them with you.

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Here is also a video guide:


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