Best Baby Carriers for Newborn And Older Babies

You can use any kind of materials and forms of swings or bouncy seats, babies like being cradled in your arms best. But transporting your baby around all day isn’t possible unless you have arms of iron, and a couple of minions to do your everyday tasks. That’s where a baby carrier becomes in handy.

Carrier Sling For Newborns

Do You Need a Carrier?

I would say yes. You need it. Sure, you can use a stroller when you’re walking outside and a bouncy chair or swing at home. But it is the only gadget that allows you to do your private thing, hands-free, while your baby relaxes.

If you don’t have a baby yet, you can ask those who have a newborn. Most of them will say you that baby carrier is their favorite toddler product, no matter the model or brand. It provides your arms a rest and can simply sub in for a stroller, especially if your baby gets upset when they can’t see you or you need to navigate crowded places like airports and stadiums. It’s likewise excellent to use if you like hiking and want to take your child along.

When Do You Need a Carrier?

Carriers are usually used when the baby is small, till six months or so. You can continue to use them also in the toddler stage.

Most parents declare that baby carrier is a lifesaver, so you literally can’t go wrong buying one of yourself.

Types of Baby Carriers

Ok, so now I think we all know you need one, but what to choose? We will help. Baby carriers come in various styles:

  • Wraps: A very long piece of stretchy textile you configure and tie around your body, normally over your shoulders and midsection, to build a carrier.
  • Slings: A wide piece of textile that goes across one shoulder and over your torso.
  • Structured Carriers: Looks like a backpack with bands over the shoulder and a padded carrying “pack” that can be set on your chest or back.
  • Carrier Shirts: It can be a sleeveless or long sleeved shirt, hoodie or jacket with a built-in bag (pocket) for baby. Also called Kangaroo carrier because of the look like a Kangaroo.

Choosing one could be a hard work but we will help you.

So let’s start to take a look at certain carriers that received the highest props from BabyTibet parents.

Carriers for Newborns

These carriers are available for your baby as soon as they are born. No need to use any extra addition. However, your baby will definitely outgrow these carriers when they turn 12-15 months old.

Kangaroo Sleeveless Baby Carrier

Kangaroo Sleeveless Baby Carrier for Mother


This carrier is like a huge hug for your new baby. A large swath of textile is covered around you and your little one for the ultimate activity. Available sizes starting from S till 3XL. Made of cotton.


The shirt is sleeveless so you will need the jacket on colder days. Pouch must cover baby shoulders so you can’t use it when your baby grows too tall. The shirt is not meant to carry your baby hands-free.

Weight limits: 7-15 lbs. (3-7kg).

Price: $24 – $37. Click here to get the latest price.

3 in One Woman Baby Carry Hoodies3 in One Woman Baby Carry Hoodies


Very warm for you and for your baby. Baby is fully covered and has a lovely hood. Can be worn in autumn and winter. Available small to 2XL sizes. Hoodie with a zipper. You can wear a hoodie without the baby. Can put a baby in front and back.


Pouch must cover baby shoulders so you can’t use it when your baby grows too tall. The material is a cotton blend.

Weight limits: 7-20 lbs. (3-9kg).

Price: $29 – $37. Click here to get the latest price.

A Simple Wrap CarrierCarrier Sling For Newborns


We have 2 types of this carrier.

One is a large swath of textile which is wrapped around you and your little one for the ultimate baby experience. Plus, because the wrap is just a big piece of cotton blend fabric that you configure each time, it adapts to various body types and grows with your baby.

Another one is similar, just includes loops. Just slide on the two added loops of fabric and after two more moves any sleep-deprived parent could think out, the carrier is available for baby.


To understand the first one, you’ll need to watch the instructional videos various times. There’s a primary training curve!

The second carrier you can’t use without hands, you will need to hold your baby with one hand.

Weight limits: 8-35 lbs. (3.5-15 kg)

Available forms for baby: Front-inward, front-outward, sling style and on the hip.

Price: $24 – $31. Click here to get the latest price.

Carriers for Older Babies

These carriers can usually support babies well into the toddler stage and can carry baby in many handy positions. To be used with newborns, though, these products normally ask an infant insert.

Baby Carrier Sling Backpack BagBaby Carrier Sling Backpack Bag


Various sitting positions – front facing, back carry, face-to-face, horizontal, front carry. Wide and adjustable waistband for you.

Double connection zippers and snaps and double protection.

Small pocket for some belongings.

Weight limits: 12-60 lbs. (6-28 kg).

Price: $34 – $80. Click here to get the latest price.

Ergonomic Baby Backpack CarrierErgonomic Baby Backpack Carrier


4 carrying position modes: Chest way, kangaroo style, back carry, cross arm carries. High-quality durable material, safe and exquisite design. Adjustable shoulder belt, double-protection safety buckle, 3D ventilating back pad. Adjustable durable waistbelt for safer carrying. Easy to operate and adjust it, flexible carrying position.

Suitable for carrying 2-30 months old babies.

Weight limit: Maximum 39 lbs (18 kg).

Price: $25 – $30. Click here to get the latest price.

Determining What’s Best for You

When determining a baby carrier, follow a few things. The first and most significant part is a comfort. Will the carrier be satisfactory not only for your child but also for you? You might be forced to use it for many hours a day. Also, will it require to adjust to fit another caregiver? If yes, make sure that the carrier you pick can provide a wearer of a different size. Finally, do you need a carrier individually suited for the baby stage or one that will serve for toddlers as well? The more your baby weighs, the more spine support you need and you’ll have to be convinced to purchase a carrier that will support a higher weight. Once you discover the perfect match though, you’ll meet the ranks of those who love snuggling with their baby and still being able to get stuff done.

As soon as you made your baby carrier choice, there’s a bunch of other things to pick out as well. Feel free to surf throughout our store for various adorable and useful baby products.

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